Make Your Money Make More Money

Saving money is hard. It requires self-control in the face of continuous bombardment by scientifically engineered marketing messages, peer-pressure and brains “designed” for immediate gratification. For many of us, it requires investing some quality time to mindfully design a sustainable budget that’s in line with our values. (We think we’ve figured out how to make … Continue reading Make Your Money Make More Money

Decision Fish Needs Guinea Pigs

Time for a Quick Update Besides blogging and tweeting about decision-making, Decision Fish has been building apps that help people make wise financial decisions. If you ever feel under-prepared, overwhelmed or intimidating by big financial decisions, we’ll be there. We are building trusted, easy to use apps that give people just the education and analysis they need to make … Continue reading Decision Fish Needs Guinea Pigs

Catch of the Day!

Try Decision Fish’s First Release We are proud to share our first (not even beta yet) release of our mobile website to a select group of valued supporters—like you. Please: Use this link to try our first web-app, created to help you decide how much you can afford to spend on a new home. Go ahead … Continue reading Catch of the Day!

Decision Fish Decision Tools are on the Way!

We are delighted to announce the formation of Decision Fish, LLC, a startup whose vision is to empower individuals to make their most important financial decisions with confidence. Here’s how we see things: Consumer finance is broken. 270,000 homes are in foreclosure. 40% of households with people aged 55-64 have saved zero for retirement. Student … Continue reading Decision Fish Decision Tools are on the Way!