Beat the Budgeting Blues

The Budgeting Blues. Like flossing one’s teeth, everyone knows we’re supposed to budget regularly. Yet it’s not surprising that less than 40 percent of Americans floss daily and a similarly low proportion have saved enough to meet an unexpected $500 bill. Coincidence? The benefits of both are intangible and in the future, while the inconvenience … Continue reading Beat the Budgeting Blues

Health Insurance Enrollment: A Superhuman Decision

Open enrollment for health insurance began November 16 and the decision isn’t any easier than last year. On the contrary, not only are premiums higher and benefits lower, there’s greater uncertainty about the future of the Obama health care act. On a cold, cloudy Sunday afternoon, I analyzed my health insurance choices.  Our choices and … Continue reading Health Insurance Enrollment: A Superhuman Decision

Decision Fish Needs Guinea Pigs

Time for a Quick Update Besides blogging and tweeting about decision-making, Decision Fish has been building apps that help people make wise financial decisions. If you ever feel under-prepared, overwhelmed or intimidating by big financial decisions, we’ll be there. We are building trusted, easy to use apps that give people just the education and analysis they need to make … Continue reading Decision Fish Needs Guinea Pigs

Career Advice from a Stoic

I recently visited with a 27 year old who asked me for help in figuring out what to do with his life. He is about to start at a prestigious graduate school and is feeling pressure to make some big career decisions quickly.  Here’s the letter I wrote him, inspired by Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic. Before you … Continue reading Career Advice from a Stoic

Career Decisions & the U-Shaped Happiness Curve

The Atlantic recently ran this terrific article by Jonathan Rauch about the nearly universal u-shaped path of happiness that most humans and some primates follow: Happiness starts relatively high in early adulthood, declining steadily until late 40s or early 50s, when it picks up again until the final years. It appears to be much more … Continue reading Career Decisions & the U-Shaped Happiness Curve