Seven Good Reasons NOT to Save

You’re saving too much…said no financial expert ever. It’s America Saves Week, which is all about saving more. If you’re in your twenties, you’ll be told to save ten to 15 percent of your income.  Older? You’ll be advised to save 20-30 percent or more! At the same time, one-third of Americans have saved precisely … Continue reading Seven Good Reasons NOT to Save

Make Your Money Make More Money

Saving money is hard. It requires self-control in the face of continuous bombardment by scientifically engineered marketing messages, peer-pressure and brains “designed” for immediate gratification. For many of us, it requires investing some quality time to mindfully design a sustainable budget that’s in line with our values. (We think we’ve figured out how to make … Continue reading Make Your Money Make More Money

Health Insurance Enrollment: A Superhuman Decision

Open enrollment for health insurance began November 16 and the decision isn’t any easier than last year. On the contrary, not only are premiums higher and benefits lower, there’s greater uncertainty about the future of the Obama health care act. On a cold, cloudy Sunday afternoon, I analyzed my health insurance choices.  Our choices and … Continue reading Health Insurance Enrollment: A Superhuman Decision

Decision Fish Needs Guinea Pigs

Time for a Quick Update Besides blogging and tweeting about decision-making, Decision Fish has been building apps that help people make wise financial decisions. If you ever feel under-prepared, overwhelmed or intimidating by big financial decisions, we’ll be there. We are building trusted, easy to use apps that give people just the education and analysis they need to make … Continue reading Decision Fish Needs Guinea Pigs

How is your Financial Health?

Just in time (actually a day late) for #FinHealthMatters day, try this quick financial health check up! Don’t worry: zero co-pays here and your answers are confidential because they’re not tracked. The Center for Financial Services Innovation has developed an eight-point scale to help financial institutions adjust their products and services to “… focus on improving consumers’ lives.” … Continue reading How is your Financial Health?

Can Robots Save Us?

Can we design decision tools to offset or even leverage the hurdles that our brains put in front the most important decisions that we face? Take planning and saving for a comfortable retirement. How much and in what one invests are two of the most important decisions any adult needs to make and take responsibility for. “Do your … Continue reading Can Robots Save Us?